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ralph lauren outlet online Old country is a fossil history that can not be abandoned , it records one person's production and life , folk customs and beliefs , it has a unique form of physical form and intangible cultural heritage , has a certain historical , cultural, scientific , arts, social , economic value, can be said to be a cultural DNA, many people remembered the soul of culture , but also the continuation of a culture of life.

The traditional village a true reflection of the social life of the times of the rural economy and agricultural civilization very impersonal , historical heritage for more accurate than words , true . It is not only distinctive residential buildings , more importantly, it contains a wealth of traditional folk , genealogy department , Fiesta ralph lauren outlet online , weddings marriage , food and dress , rural people about , folk festivals ; still have so many who dreamed share quaint and quiet.

With the development of social progress and accelerating urbanization is currently in full swing , the country in the traditional sense seems to decline , gradually withered , old building in collapsed buildings or the flavor of the times and so replaced , folklore is changing , quite a few villages left in the vicissitudes of Solitude in the elderly keep looking at the share of local unique simplicity and quiet.

Traditional village in the kind of " cock mulberry Britain , barking Shenxiang , the family court miscellaneous clean , empty room more than busy ." Leisurely bucolic, pastoral life , being with us today lopsided , that the continuation of the for thousands of years the sunrise and sunset farming life ; lively community that fire, temple , worship, continues today after thousands of years , is moving toward passage , ralph lauren outlet online the original village , culture is gradually disintegrated even on the verge of extinction.

In the traditional sense of the village is the soul of many people's minds birthplace , but also the dream destination of the soul , their mind is always difficult to give care and love to read and sustenance. However , social progress is an irreversible trend and strength , not some kind of power can be changed. Demand for traditional and modern conflicts are not effectively regulate , adjust the economic and scientific and rational persuasion, some traditional cultural heritage should , or because of lack of successors ; or because the collision occurred with the modern concept of life , etc., without order effectively carry forward the tradition , and may even one day be submerged in a river in the future and history into . Anxiety, impulsive modern , long- neglected cultural heritage only paid attention to developments and changes in appearance , while ignoring the real meaning of development, so that some traditional villages lost their memories and live life ralph lauren outlet online , vulgar oriented development , despicable development become a pain in the process where the traditional village development today , making today's traditional villages become extremely vulnerable.

Protection and development , inheritance and innovation can be a reasonable solution to the conflict in the process of development where innovation is a trend of modern civilization and traditional culture are effectively reconcile , on the basis of the protection and inheritance , so that modern civilization integration of local culture and heritage to get evolution ; in the protection and heritage , based on the construction of a new native civilizations , to circumvent local culture was completely destroyed.

New socialist countryside construction is well under way , it is undeniable that rural production and living conditions have been strong changes and improvements , especially those living conditions have changed upside down , dark and damp , water and aging, no ventilation, leaking ...... housing civil structure is being very modern brick structure houses an alternative , there is a strong leap in terms of the degree ralph lauren outlet online , or condition facilities. In that we are faced with thousands of villages side, Square urbanization, industrialization to agriculture , prestige projects such as rural is gradually losing its own unique characteristics , farm characteristics is changing ; old village house in the historic building facing those exquisite handicrafts rot , but still clearly visible, flying phoenix, fish swim , majestic lion, unicorn clouds , there is the delicate carved porch , carved beams painted columns , they are faced with the disappearance , could not help with the ancestors of modern reflection distance , reflect problems in the development process , always feel we have a responsibility to use modern construction techniques to reinforce and protect the existence of ancient ancient , so that our future generations to see the wisdom of our ancestors .

China's long ancient civilization , ralph lauren outlet online the Chinese nation 's roots are deeply embedded in the country , many are basically non- material cultural heritage in the rich diversity of rural culture in villages , rural civilization gave birth to the history of Chinese ancient civilization for thousands of years . The face of waning rural civilization , to face reality , the effective protection and rational development, so that China dream the same piece of land in the village which can be achieved , so that rural civilization become a wonderful work of modern civilization.